This Video That Inspired You Toward Living Social Justice

Want to submit a video for The Hub? Below is some information on what we're generally looking for, but know that you are welcome to submit anything that you think we should watch.

We welcome videos you've created, as well as linking to videos created by others (as long as they're hosted openly, for example on YouTube, Vimeo, or another video sharing site).

Videos with closed captions or transcripts are preferred for accessibility. When a transcript isn't available we'll ask that you write one with your submission.

We'd love to watch:

  • Explainers that walk us through an idea related to social justice, minus dogma;
  • TED talks highlighting insightful research
  • Video essays on concepts related to activism, advocacy, education, or policy;
  • Animated / doodled videos with voiceover that make complicated concepts more digestible;
  • Video blogs and first-person narratives that share your point of view with us;
  • Opinions about the social justice movement, where we're struggling, what we're doing well, what we're missing;
  • Accounts of your experience organizing, educating, or doing other social justice activism;
  • Documentaries of people or movements that embody living social justice;
  • Interviews, conversations, or debates about anything that might help us plot a path toward equity.

Does any of that sound like something you'd like to contribute? Do you have a video in mind you wish every social-justice-minded person would watch?

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